An “I Am the Clay” Vignette*


She is clothed with strength and dignity… Proverbs 31:25

She leaves her afghan folded up in the pew at church where she and my daddy have sat as long as I can remember—second pew on the right, facing the pulpit. (The Epistle side, if you’re an Episcopalian.) The men keep it way too cold in there for the women, so emergency afghans and blankets dot the church.

She loves me fiercely, as I do her. When I called them the morning I became a Christian, she shouted. Baptists don’t do much shouting. (Or hand-raising. Too prissy.) Mama did that morning.

While she’s sat in the same pew for all those years, she’s not the same person. She’s grown spiritually the past several years. Now that I’m a Christian, many of our phone conversations end up as deep theological discussions. She’s had to up her game.

I send her books and CDs and she reads my blog. I like to get off into hypothesizing on the organic fluidity of justification and the timing of the rapture. She says I challenge her. (That may just be a nice way of saying I’m full of myself.)

She’s become quite strong—stronger than I think she ever imagined being. She stood up to a car salesman last week and drove out of there with exactly what she wanted at the price she wanted. I knew she had it in her.

But that strength goes a lot deeper—it lives somewhere down about where the Holy Spirit lives. I wouldn’t mess with her.

She’s my mama. I’m proud of her and wouldn’t wanna be anybody else’s son.

Well, God’s son, of course—but she’s happy to share…

*A brief written piece about a person or event.

• • •

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7 thoughts on “Mama

  1. Precious!! You have a wonderful mother! I love her dearly! ❤
    Actually, I love the entire family, dearly!!

  2. This made me get all misty-eyed. I’ve sat behind this woman for more years than I even remember. She has been a constant, faithful, strong godly woman for as long as I’ve known her. She has never let me down with her testimony. I’m not saying she is perfect. But I can say I think she comes pretty close. I can also say, with all honesty, when I think of the wise, humble, gentle behavior that God commands us wives to have, I think of your mama. I have learned much from watching her through the years. She exemplifies the character of the “aged woman” who is to teach the younger women how to treat their husbands and their children. She personifies the definition of the “help meet” God created us wives to be. I love her dearly. I am grateful for her testimony and for her faithful support and love for her pastor, my sweet daddy. She is one of the godly women that I aspire to be like.
    Thank you for this beautiful tribute to our lady in the second pew.

    • Your message is as great a tribute as I could have ever written. Thank you for your love and support of my family, my sister.

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