Googling God

The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. 1 Corinthians 2:10b

I don’t know what I ever did without Google. You can keep your other search engines – I’m sure Bing and Yahoo! do a great job, but I am a Googling kind of guy.

I’m convinced there isn’t a single bit of information one can’t locate via Google – the lyrics to “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” recipes for red beans and rice, what day Christmas is on in 2018 (Tuesday, by the way), the proper use of i.e. vs. e.g. – that sort of thing.

However, I do think the term “search engine” is fast becoming a misnomer. Google actually stores up billions of webpages in advance. So when I go to Google to try and find some bit of information – the capital of Bora Bora, for example – before I even finish typing the first “Bora,” Google has already displayed a page full of links to pertinent information, including:

  • The “Bora Bora” article in Wikipedia
  • How to make reservations at the Four Seasons Bora Bora
  • Bora Bora tourism information from Tahiti Tourisme North America
  • A YouTube video called “52 Things to Do in Bora Bora.” (And don’t even get me started on YouTube. I learned how to repair my washing machine watching a YouTube video…)

So basically, Google isn’t so much searching for anything as it is just sharing information that’s already stored. Kind of reminds me of today’s verse from I Corinthians:

The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.

In the sometimes mysterious and oft-discussed Holy Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit is an equal member; He has a unique function, but is no less God than the Father. As a result, unlike my search to find 52 things to do in Bora Bora, He doesn’t have to search to learn anything about the Father – He already knows. The next verse in I Corinthians confirms this:

…no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.

So when He reveals God’s will to me, He’s just sharing information that’s already known.

When Paul used the word “search” in I Corinthians 2:10 he was using it to illustrate the intimate relationship between the Father and the Holy Spirit. Albert Barnes, the noted 19th century theologian who wrote extensively on the New Testament, put it rather nicely when he said:

It is not to be supposed that he [the Holy Spirit] searches, or inquires as men do who are ignorant; but that he has an intimate and profound knowledge, such as is usually the result of a close and accurate search.

Pretty insightful for someone who had never even heard of a computer, much less a search engine. (By the way, I found this information by, you know, Googling…)

Even though Google is my go-to site for all my searching needs, I’m not oblivious to the fact that search engine results have as much to do with commerce as they do with information. But in spite of “page ranking” and “indexing” and all those technical aspects that can easily be manipulated for a price, I can still rest assured that the information I’m getting back is just what I need, just when I need it – much like the information I get from the Holy Spirit. In fact, the verses just prior to the passage from I Corinthians (quoted above) tell me that:

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him – but God has revealed it to us by His Spirit.

Just what I need, just when I need it, with no manipulation whatsoever. Although there was a price that was paid for me to have access to that information, that price was paid 2000 years ago.

All I had to do was believe.

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